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Billabong Odyssey
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Billabong Odyssey

By: Billabong
When: 2003
Where: Washington, California, Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, France, Spain
Who: Ken Bradshaw, Ken Collins, Brian L. Keaulana, Brad Gerlach, Shawn Barron


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The most ambitious surfing movie ever undertaken - the Billabong Odyssey is based on a three-year global expedition to seek out and ride the biggest waves in the world. The film tracks expeditions to a variety of exotic and contrasting locations around the world, usually at a moments notice. Depicted are the adventures of the big wave team as they challenge deadly waves throughout the Seven Seas, including: the mouth of the Columbia River in Washington State; Maverick s in Northern California; Todos Santos Island, Mexico; the outer shoals of the Hawaiian Isles of Oahu and Maui; the vicious barrels of Teahupoo, Tahiti; and newly-discovered reefs in Australia, France and Spain.

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